‘I am not the same’ – is an international qualitative study anchored in the Stavanger Breast Cancer Research Group, at Stavanger University Hospital in Norway. We collaborate with the Departments of Nursing and Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The study’s active phase with design, enrollment, data collection and preliminary analyses, lasted from 2012-15.


Portrait of Jo Spence.                  By Jo Spence & Rosy Martin. Photograph. Cirka 1984.

Our research explores Norwegian and American women’s thoughts and feelings about various aspects of the breast cancer treatment trajectory, and the personal, relational and symbolic particularities surrounding the female breast.

Another integral part of the study is a qualitative evaluation of expressive writing for breast cancer patients.

Hesitatingly I stretch

my half body towards

your whole

All is different

I am not the same

Ellen Francke. Det dobbelte kyss. 1985. Oslo: Tiden. (Translated from Norwegian)

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