USA Strand

Dr Lode on location, Houston

Kirsten Lode on location, Houston

During the winter of 2012, Kirsten Lode had a visiting research fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. During this time, she enrolled seven US participants for expressive writing and interviews. This was a valuable precursor to the main study, which kicked off in Stavanger, Norway in 2013-14.

More about the study here.

In December 2013 we conducted one-year follow-up interviews with our American participants, who have all received breast reconstruction. All seven participants were able to attend, providing us with valuable knowledge about their breast cancer journeys from diagnosis to the end of adjuvant treatment.

From Spring 2014, we have collaborated with nurse researchers at MDACC on analysis of our vast amounts of transcribed interview data.  Analysis of US data continues, whilst the Norwegian data are being collected and analysed.


The project I am not the same’ – women’s experiences of breast cancer, breast loss and reconstruction is based at Stavanger University Hospital, Norway.


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